Bamboe Hijau Seafood

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Category: Culinary Indonesian Food


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Green Bamboe seafood in the area adds to the height of culinary Griya or Amir Hamzah
Great restaurant in the same area that serves similar food becomes a real competitor. But Bamboe Green looks to have a fairly large fanbase. This can be evidenced by the always crowded car that packed this place on weekends and public holidays.
Green Bamboe provide some type of vegetable stir, and our message-mainstream mainstream course, sauteed kale belacan (20) and sauteed genjer belacan (20).
Make friends MaMa-nia who like to eat seafood, we also order nihh Fried Squid Flour (37).
Simple, tasty, crispy and savory. Cocolan chili sauce available at each table, so please enjoy unlimited free flow.
Bamboe Hijau Seafood
Jln. Teuku Amir Hamzah, No. 9 (dekat simpang Jln. Karya)
Tel : 081375553377
Operation hours : Monday – Friday : 10am – 10pm.
Saturday & Sunday : 10am – 11pm.
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