Doffee—Dough & Coffee, Multatuli

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Category: Culinary Western Food


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Cafe measuring one shop that is located next to Randy’s cafe was formerly Potluck is Grill, a restaurant that serves a hot plate.
There are some interesting menu that we, example: Aglio Olio (Rp 35,000)
A little al dente, spicy, and a bit dry. Just an average pasta.Marcopolo Buffalo Chicken (Rp 27,500)
The same bun with different condiments. Grilled chicken recipes like Potluck Grill used to be, and it’s good, well marinated. If you had to choose chicken or buffalo chicken ham, go for this.
The Blue Cow 200gr (Rp 98,000)
Not sure why they name it so, but at a hefty price affordable for beef steak meat, you can not expect premium meat. However, it’s marinated and grilled well, not a lot but not juicy either. I’d say it’s still enjoyable to eat.
There’s not much you can do with a limited business area. And with the nature of shophouses shape, it’s dark inside. If you prefer a more well-lit place, this one is for you, but the distance between the table close, quietness is not guaranteed.

Multatuli dense neighborhood cafe is also high competence, more especially if the same genre. Potluck Grill strategy that uses the same recipe is packed with new skin does seem to succeed.

Doffee – Dough & Coffee
Jalan Multatuli no FF11
Mon – Sun: 10.00 – 22.00

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