Warung Sup, Jalan Makmur

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Category: Culinary Indonesian Food


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Early assumed heard of this place a real shop. It turned out pretty decent location, with air conditioning, employees were friendly, and clean dining location.
By name, so the soup sales value here. Soups are available varies each day. Because lucky, we come fitted in the availability of one of the best-selling soups, Soup Kambing (25rb).
Those who Amendment goat, soup is recommended. The distinctive aroma of mutton cooked with various spices and vegetables.
Nasi lemak (15rb). Taste really good, fragrant rice with condiments which nga stingy. Will be happy to have this as breakfast. Oya has started selling point Soups morning, so you can breakfast here first before going to office.
Chicken Onion (40rb) booked for a unique name. However this is just another fried chicken. It’s good but no different than any other “fried chicken”.
Besides the soup, there is also a buffet-style menu is served in the restaurant minang small plates. Menus such as eggplant sauce, fried chicken seasoning, tauco shrimp, sauce and potato patties you can “add on” to the table.

Warung Sup Address :
Jalan Makmur No.123R
Buka Senin – Sabtu, 09:00 – 21:00
Minggu buka setengah hari

Source : www.makanmana.net