Yi Po (Emy) Vegetarian, Jalan Perak

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In 1-2 years it is more and more popping restaurants / vegetarian restaurant with a menu more varied and creative
One may be recommended is the IPO Vegetarian located in Perak’s path. Although located in the shop just simple, cooking nga losing cafes today. One of the other, the menu at most in order, Kimchi Fried Rice.
self service order system here yes. So once you arrive directly order first before sitting down. This restaurant is a combination of 2 shop, so even in front of the narrow impressed because half is used as a kitchen, the interior is fairly wide and cool even without air conditioning.
After enjoying dishes korea, we move to the Japanese Fried Rice (also only 20rb). The form’s usual, fried rice wrapped with omelet and there is a splash of tomato sauce on top. Despite its name, japanese fried rice, japanese nga too feels where his, but still taste good.
The real winner of the evening came Tomato Fried Noodles (again 20rb). The noodles were fried rather wet, as the name has little sour taste and aroma of tomatoes that make Seger. Must try if you’re into noodle.

IPO Vegetaria

Jalan Perak.
18:00 – 14:00
17:00 – 21:00

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